500+ Commercial and investment property loan programs across 20+ asset types. 

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About Nfg Assets Wealth Management
Nfg assets wealth management provides guidance on loans for individuals living in the Kailua area.

NFG specializes in investment and multifamily property financing. We offer institutional bank and private loan solutions for a variety of property types, including SFR, 2-4 unit, multifamily 5+ units, and more.

Our Loans

  • Bridge / Hard Loan

    Bridge loans, often referred to as Hard Money loans, can close in 2-3 weeks. No minimum credit score requirement. Used to stabilize properties. Less documents and fewer underwriting requirements.

  • Permanent Loan

    Permanent loans are offered by banks and private money lenders and can close in 45 to 60 days. 650+ credit score required. Used for stabilized properties. 2-3 years tax returns required for most permanent bank loans. Private money permanent loans have less document requirements.

  • Fix & Flip

    Fix & Flip loans are non-bank loans and can close in 2-3 weeks. 600 minimum credit score required. 10% to 15% down payment required for purchase fix and flip transactions. Experience required in most cases, or substantial cash reserves.

  • Construction

    New construction loans are offered by banks and can close in 45 - 60 days. 650+ credit score required in most cases. Minimum 20% down payment required for new construction purchase transactions. Minimum 20% cash contribution to total costs

  • SBA Business Loans

    SBA Business loans can close in 45 to 60 days. 650+ credit score required. Used to purchase or refinance properties owned by business owner. Owner must occupy 51% or more of the total property SF.

Asset Classes

As loan brokers, we're able to help our customers find the best loans for their current financial profile.

  • Building.svg
    Multifamily 5+ Units

  • Business Building.svg

  • Department Shop.svg

  • Factory.svg
  • Warehouse.svg
  • Dog House.svg
    Residential 1-4 Units
  • Building With Rooftop Terrace.svg
    Hotel / Motel
  • School House.svg
    School / Education

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